Andrew Downes' Children's Opera, Odysseus & the Cyclops
Made during the Covid-19 Lockdown of 2020. Andrew Downes is singing the role of the Cyclops himself. I am singing the part of the Elders and in the general choir, and I am acting the part of the Cyclops and the Elders. My daughters are singing and acting the roles of Odysseus and his Men, and the Islanders and Soldiers. We made the costumes and scenery ourselves. Find out more on my music education site. More info on this work.

Full Movie

Interlude 1 and March

The Cyclops discovers Odysseus and his Men.

Interlude II: the Cyclops guards his prisoners through the night

Part 1: The Elders tell Polyphemus he is in danger because the Islanders hate him. They tell him he must live alone in a cave and guard the island.

Odysseus and his Men discover the cave.

The blinded Cyclops traps Odysseus and his Men in his cave.

Odysseus and his Men escape.