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Climate Change
Music videos and animations by Paula Downes. Music by Andrew Downes, (also Sarah MacDonald, Hildegarde von Bingen, Ockeghem, Hilary Tann), messages from Climate Change Experts Dr Hugh Hunt and Emily Schuckburgh. Paula has created Climate Change and Music cross-curricular lesson resources on her father's website,

World Anthem: Climate Change Song for all ages, produced during the Covid-19 Lockdown of 2020


Songs for the Planet: 6 songs/videos

The video above shows the counting for a conductor for multimedia performances.

"We need to stop flying"


"Avoiding the car"

"Zero Waste Shopping"

"Reducing Plastic Waste"

"Reducing Food Waste"

"We all need talk"

ClimateKeys Cambridge, May 2018

World Anthem, Red Rebel Brigade, August 2019

ClimateKeys Cambridge, October 2018

The Cantabrigians & ClimateKeys

Video of The Tantrum That Saved The World, children's book about Climate Change by Megan Herbert and Michael E. Mann, December 2019

Red Rebel Brigade, Cambridge, Shoe Ceremony, July 2020

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